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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 3, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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all right, set your ♪ >> president trump valving victory takes political -- to the nation's highest court. this is "special report." ♪ >> good evening, welcome to washington. i am james rosen sitting in for bret baier. it's up to the highest court of the land for the president trump's so-called travel band will be the law of the land. placing a temper -- has lost in the district at the appellate court levels. all this comes out where after the president delivered on
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another major campaign promise by withdrawing the u.s. from the paris claimant accords. corresponded kevin corke is live with all this and more on the north lawn of the white house. >> -- set to wait whether or not the president -- let's call it "fiery campaign rhetoric" can be used as evidence that the real intention for the travel ban was to discriminate against muslims. after lower coat , court setbacks, the white house is following through on its pledge to take the fight for its temporary travel ban all the way to the highest court in the land. >> we have a supreme court to hear this important case and are confident that the president's executive order is within his lawful authority to keep the nation safe and protect our committees from terrorism. >> the president signed the original seven nation travel ban in january, but revised that down to six countries and month. syria, libya, somalia -- the latest version would block
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refugees from entering the u.s. for 90 days and set pen the program entirely for four month months. the white house has argued the countries in question lacked sufficient screening which in turn could threaten the safety of the american people, which is why white house officials say they are continuing to fight. >> the american people are heartened by that, but equally frustrating buying decisions in courts that call into decision whether the united states has the ability to control who comes into this country, the ability to come into the united states of america is a privilege, not a right. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. until our country needs' representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> statements by then candidates donald trump in 2016 -- somebody who argued the real intention of the ban had less to do with
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safety than religious bigotry. >> the question will be do these statements by campaign associates by president trump on the campaign trail as a politician before serving in the government, and before governing and issuing the executive order has anything to do with the actual text. >> opponents of the bands say they are ready for battle. the aclu tweeting that we will feed these between one and are ready to do it again. #nomuslimsbe21ever. -- the u.s. announced that they were out of the parasite climate paris claimant accords -- and at least for a moment, knocking down the russia talk. james, this is interesting. the court could decide as early as whether or not these be 21 should be enforced, even as the litigation continue
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continues. all this as the department of justice continues that the full component of justices -- about the constitutionality of this issue with a final resolution, perhaps coming out soon, we are told, at the end back of year. james? >> a big case. kevin corke at the white house tonight. kevin, thank you so much. another day of record hide closing on wall street. the valve gaining 62, s&p 500 is up nine. nasdaq jumped to 69, and for the short trading we, the dow jumped up. nasdaq finish i had one and a half. u.s. employers pulled back on hiring last month, but the jobless rate fell down. you go for a president who's top priority is -- >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> the latest data released
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today by the shows that the unemployment rate is at a 16 year low, just 4.3%. >> americans seeking jobs are having more success finding them than at any point in the last 16 years. >> but the number of people hired in the month of may was less than expected. the u.s. economy only added 138,000 jobs last month. that's about 50,000 less than what most economists predicted. and the job supports from the previous two mons had to be revised. the economy created 62,000 fewer jobs than previously reported. still, most economists say the labor market is strong. >> today's job report marks 80,000 positive job gains. that's a positive record. >> democrats are pointing to one of the weak spots in this report, sluggish wage growth. the average hourly raisings rose 2.8%. nancy pelosi called the report a sobering call for donald trump and house republicans.
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former and current dnc chair tom perez says "the dangerous policies are putting the very foundation of our economy at risk." but the white house chief economic advisor says it's these very policies they get the economy back on track. >> the trend we've got going here is good. yes, they've been better. we can say they've been better. that's why we've spent so much time talking about regulation and the overregulation in the united states. we are talking about tax reform, we are talking about infrastructure. >> as the politicians been the report to their advantage, economists argue that the truth likely lies somewhere in between. >> the job report is something of a rorschach test politically where people always interpret what they want to believe in the numbers. you can always find the number that confirms a political point you would like to make. but if you talk to economists, and he job growth that is over about one or 2,000 jobs is pretty good. >> now another assessment of
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these jobs is that the federal reserve, it was already sending signals that it would likely raise interest rates again when it meets in two weeks. now, most analysts believe that this report is he giving it more confidence that the economy can handle it. james? >> james: we will have more with those on the panel, kristin fisher, thanks. at the -- republican of north carolina, the trump demonstration is returning to congress all copies of the classified report on the cia's interrogation program, decried as torture. the move could help shield the report. dianne feinstein of california, an architect of the report, called the move troubling. a declassified executive summary of the report concluded that tactics like waterboarding or more brutal and less effective than the cia claims. the trump white house is setting up a special unit to deal with various investigations into alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia. chief intelligence correspondent
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catherine herridge has more. >> the new white house team will force down my focus on the russia case so the special investigation and questions that arise do not derail the president's policy objections. the team includes lawyers, researchers, and medication specialists who handle questions from the media and federal investigators as special counsel robert mueller takes over the fbi case into russia's election meddling and correspondence with the trump campaign team. kellyanne conway explain their thinking. >> it will help for people to realize that this is a special counsel now. some questions should be referred to mr. muller and to the outside counsel. >> was fired fbi director james comey's testimony scheduled for thursday, the white house spokesman said whether trunk will invoke special privilege to shield the private conversations from public disclosure. >> [indistinct]
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speak of that committee hearing was just noticed, and i think it's got to be reviewed. >> next wednesday, the day before comey's testimony, a senate panel will heal from officials on surveillance, including the nation's intelligence chief, the nsa director, be acting fbi director, including the deputy attorney general. he thinks the unmasking of americans went beyond members of the trump team. >> i have reason to believe that a conversation i had was picked up by some foreign leader or by some foreign person and somebody requested that my conversation be unmasked. i've been told that by people in intelligence communities. >> at a russian economic forum moderated by nbc news, president vladimir putin disputed evidence moscow was behind the election hacks. >> all of them point to russia and none of them point to anyone
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other than russia. >> your goal is that a 3-year-old can present such an attack and the present it like this? me specialist can invent anything? and they would blame someone else. >> it was in the last hour the associated press is reporting that the special counsel's investigation includes the former trump campaign chairman palmetto fort and may expand to general sessions and the fired fbi director called me. james? >> james: catherine herridge, thank you. when clinton insisted today that the attack that -- was a provocation mental frame bashar al-assad. putin said they offered u.s. to inspect the targeted syrian air base for traces of the chemical agent. but it was rebuffed. kurdish militants have claimed responsibly for a turkish hogs look after -- it happened two days ago.
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the kurdish people's defense forces have waged a three decade insurgency against the turkish state. they maintain the crash was an accident with indications that the chopper struck a high-voltage wire. there was also in this will make this agreement and the philippines night whether an attack on an entertainment complex there was terrorism or a robbery gone haywire. 36 people died after a man's a fire in a casino in manila. as he left, he was shot in the leg by security guard. the suspect burned himself to death in a hotel room. isis is claiming responsibility, but the philippines was saying that the man was upset after losing money in the casino. in walking the united states out of the paris claimant accord -- that city once the center of the american steel injury comic industry is where we find our correspondent. >> was elected to represent the
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citizens of pittsburgh. not paris. >> and so begins a war of words. on thursday, president trump drawing the u.s. from the para climate agreement -- he says he's offended the president of evoked a image of a dirty city. >> when we send our future economy may not be based upon big manufacturing, we were able to turn the corner in building a new economy. pittsburgh is the poster child of showing why the paris agreement is a good economics for the united states. >> on friday, peduto signed an executive order promising pittsburgh will be one of at least 92 cities nationwide that will continue to honor the paris climate accords in defiance of the president. >> that's why i voted him. he put america first.
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at the end of the day, it's a bad deal. >> history is full of great people, i do not think trump is one of them. >> pittsburgh was forced to reinvent itself, manufacturing jobs are down. education, health care jobs are up. and it is a tech hub with companies like google, apple, amazon, and uber. still, supporters note that trump lost pittsburgh to hillary clinton, but he won pennsylvania, and he has the support of every community surrounding the city. pennsylvania has lost thousands of coal jobs. the coal industry is applauding trump. they believe the paris of course unfairly cold. >> we want to -- whether that is any sort of fossil fuels, coal, or renewables. >> the state's flourishing gas industry is optimistic. >> president trump said we aren't going to throw all standards aside, he said we need to develop our own. we probably are one of the most compliant countries in the worl
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world. >> the trump-pence campaign said there will be a pittsburgh not paris rally in support of the president. as for pittsburgh, tonight's city hall of osseous bridges and buildings will light green in support of the mayor. >> james: wisconsin imposters republican governor wants to make his state the first in the nation to require many recipients of some forms of public assistance such as medicaid and food stamps to take drug tests. the reaction by some has been fierce. senior correspondent mike tobin has that story from madison. >> rested up bettinger is a recipient of health care. she is not a fan of cement into a drug task, believing that the results could be used against her. >> all types of things can come about from you revealing information, which i think it should be your choice to be revealed. >> governor scott walker says wisconsin is hiring, most jobs require a drug test. the idea is to get most people
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to pass at the public levele ise that public assistance should be more like a trampoline than like a hammock. for those who are able to work, we shouldn't enable them to get back in the workforce. >> 1.2 million people received public health benefits. the drug testing requirements should apply only to those without children, is that many at 1 of 40,000 people. opponents say if the idea is to discourage poor people from using jobs, it will fail. it will discourage them from seeking medical health. >> drugs can come very cheap. and when you are poor and going through a lot, things in life, yes, i believe we want to drown that feeling. we want to numb it. >> opponents in the state legislator and public assistant advocates say the testing would avert money from treatment, the proposal targets the poor and villa noises drug addicts. >> we think it could be a big step backwards because it approaches drug addiction as a moral failing rather than a
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disease. >> a key element in walker's proposal, if somebody test positive, they get treatment for drug addition on the public dime. only people who reviews to drug test lose the public benefit. >> we know that that person is given the health they need to get back on their feet again, the get healthy again, the good clean of their addiction. we know they can work. >> the measure -- it still needs to be approved by the wisconsin legislature, the state budgets, and a floor challenge as anticipated. james q. mexican when our mike tobin reporting. americans who oppose the concept of century city's work americans are striking back >> imagine if kate had been your daughter. jamil or drew, yours son. >> a new voice in the sanctuary city to vase. a grieving father asks president
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trump to make good on a campaign promise. >> i'm asking president trump to withhold federal funds from california. then, maybe politicians will put our safety first. >> california is already a century state, but rosenberg refers to a sweeping bill that would prevent all police in california from inquiring, detaining, responding, assisting, or providing to federal agents any information about individuals' immigration status. >> imagine if he had been his son. >> >> rosenberg lost his son to illegal immigrant roberto gallo. police stopped gallo for a driving infarction, but services go refused to turn them over for deportation. a short time later, gallo killed drew on a hit and run. >> this is an abolishment of the cultural and economic contributions made to our great state by immigrants all over the world. >> stop the hate! >> while democrats control state politics when asked whether or not they support or oppose
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sanctuary cities, golden state voters are evenly split. >> the impetus behind this advertising is, one, to speak to the governor and speak to them right directly, but to speak to the 40% of californians who do not support this. >> people came into the country illegally. and killed their children. >> candidates trump featured victims' families to advances immigration agenda, and threatened to cut off all federal money two centuries it is, but narrowed that too long for the grant money. >> we will not lose high refunds over century cities, but we could lose public safety money. >> rosenberg and that he's not ready to stop the sanctuary resignation less adulation, but he hopes to pressure jerry brown to veto it. it is running right now in san francisco and will begin airing in los angeles monday. james? >> william lodge and this in our los angeles newsroom. up next to him chicago's historically high crime rate is
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declining. first, here is one of our affiliates covering today for the capital city is joining the fight to block the lone star state's new anti-sanctuary law. san antonio was joining the legal challenge. republican governor greg abbott signed the bill in may. fox 6 in milwaukee were a third body has been recovered from the site of an explosion at a corn mill. nearly a dozen other employees were taken to area hospitals. this is alive look at sacramento from fox 40, one of the big stories there tonight? the state senate green lighting a bill provide single-payer health care to californians. supporters acknowledge the $400 billion a year price tag is a problem. both governor jerry brown and members of the state assembly have voiced skepticism. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "spe
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>> james: police in chicago see the numbers of shootings and murders they are declined for the fourth straight month in may. this still leaves the city in the midst of an unpresident and almost nightly bloodbath. with a mayor who does not want to talk about it. correspondent matt finn in chicago tonight. >> some good news but a reminder of how bad chicago's violence is. murders down slightly so far this year. 239 people killed. compared to 247 at this time last year. one of the most recent victims, 20-year-old jevan morris killed over memorial day weekend. born with cataracts and legally
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blind was killed running from bullets at the park where he was described as a compassionate volunteer. his aunt who taught him to safely cross the street now planning his nephew's funeral. >> his whole life... he is just a happy kid. >> chicago's mayor rahm emanuel seems quiet about the crime plaguing his city. >> mr. mayor, what what is youn to keep students safe on the south side this summer. have you expended any copperheads of plan to keep the people safe the >> very vocal about his movement to establish chicago as the country's premier sanctuary city. a new citywide advertising campaign called one chicago, highlights his program that gives city ids to undocumented immigrants. >> those who may not have all their papers in order are welcome. >> this as critics and police readily acknowledge the city's crime rate as undetectable.
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>> if anybody thinks that last year a boxer's murder rate in chicago was okay, and if you are a leader in this city, you should not be. >> he has made efforts to curb crime, adding 1,000 officers to the force over time, expanding the city's gunshot technology, and lobbing with the state superintendent on a state bill that will repeat -- crackdown on repeat gun offenders. even those who have lost loved ones wondering if stopping crime is at the top of the mayor's list. >> i love javon. they never hurt nobody in his life. >> people here in chicago bracing for the summer season that is historically the most violent. last june, 76 people were murdered in the city. james? >> matt finn in chicago. comedian kathy griffin said is to make she is being bullied by president trump and his family.
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she appeared to be holding the blood become a severed head the president. now she claims she is the victim of an intimidation campaign. >> what's happening to me has never happen, ever, in the history of this great country. a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally, i feel, personally, trying to ruin my life forever. >> james: that autographs cost griffin or annual date as cnn's cohost for the her new years broadcast. a young graduate of the u.s. air force academy is already making a significant contribution to her nation's war fighting capability. not from the skies, but from the chemistry lab. here is correspondent alecia koontz. >> this that we've been using, doesn't look that intimidating.
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it's really unassuming. >> unassuming is part of the brilliance of the concussion made by air force cadet haley weir and her instructor ryan burke. this could one day save the lives of those in combat. >> the concept of going out there and stopping a bullet is something we have made in the chemistry lab. that should really spark the interest for me. >> 21-year-old weir got the idea and her chemistry class and went to her advisor. >> naturally, i'm pretty skeptical. >> to convince him, she poured water into a bowl of corn starch and asked them to put his finger in the mixture with force. >> i jammed my finger in the goal and almost broke my finger. did not penetrate into the liquid. >> shear thickening fluid, a powerful cons of the unlikely pair took in using plastic fork and knives, and walmart neck si sir, and super simple yet supersecret ingredients, came up with a pace that combined with other antiballistic's does this.
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a quarter inch thick fabric that went stop and stop a 9-millimeter bullet. >> they pulled this .44 magnum, "is this missile fail"? it stopped at a third time, then a fourth time. >> a full kit is 76 pounds with a ceramic plate. you replace those with his new material? it can lighten your load by two-thirds. and at fraction of the cost. more testing will prove whether this new product can be used to replace the steel plating over aircraft and first responders. >> the pieces aren't new. everything we've used there has been researched in some capacity for ballistic protection. >> the air force was so impressed, it's sending the now second lieutenant on a full ride back to clemson university for her masters in material science and engineering. upon graduation, she heads back to the mineral terry to help further protect protections for those overseas.
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>> i'm just trying to do what i can with what i know. i don't think it's really all that special. >> that is special. >> the team has applied for a patent and will share in any future sales with the air force which is funding the research. james? >> james: thanks. he told us never to call him a hero. but across 72 hours in the month of june, 1942, a navy pilot from coffeyville, kansas, dusty clients, made single-handedly changed the course of world war ii. our look at problems and brought us the story of, yes, heroism from the pentagon. >> it was the final battle in the pacific, turning the tide for the united states in world war ii. six months after the surprise attack in pearl harbor crippled the american fleet, the u.s. navy struck back. now, 75 years after the battle of midway, the untold story of the heroic naval aviator who
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helped lead the daring counterattack. "never call me a hero" tells the story of jack "dusty" please. >> i was almost a 100% person, a short, i had made a hit. >> the only pilot to bomb two japanese fleets and a cruiser. the graduate from kansas and navy cross recipient kept this for secret -- which bothered him back started june 4th, 1942. >> we took off 10 minutes after 9:00. at 12:00, we saw them in the distance. three big carriers that were very close. heading toward us. going down to was a 40 knots, to which of 50 miles an hour straight down. the other thing, too, you have to look at your jar temp there. if it read 4,008, you are a 3,000. it was always spinning around so
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fast. >> in the end, the u.s. incorporated four japanese war carriers along with other ships. >> it was like three haystacks on a fire. >> but the price was steep. have the dive bombers were lost, along with one american carrier, uss yorktown. dusty's and historians gave too much credit to the admirals and not enough to the pilots. he criticized the delay in getting his squadron to the flight. we had to circle 15 minutes to await the other squadrons, which never joined us. if we had proceeded immediately, we would've saved many pilot's lives, we would've had enough you will. last march, dusty celebrated his 100th birthday. he was a less -- while he didn't want to be known as a hero, the facts speak for themselves. at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson. fox news. >> james: president trump said the economy is starting to come
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back very, very rapidly. in today's job numbers, we will ask the panel when we come back.
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>> the bill is moving around to
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make a long and congress, and i believe it's doing very well. >> it doesn't believe don't exist. there is no tax bill moving through congress. >> we got 138,000 jobs. >> the job numbers may reflect industry, capital sitting on the sidelines waiting for us to repeal obamacare, waiting for us to get this tax reform. >> what grade would you give the president thus far? the code you know what? i give him an a+ for effort in it i give him an a+ for results. >> those are high grades. are they justified by the numbers? let's take a look at the numbers for the may jobs report. as you have heard, 138,000 jobs were added in the month of may, although the previous two months on the job figures revised downwards. the limit rate is now at 4.3%. that is the lowest since may may 2001, the pre9/11 era. let's bring in our panel. david cantonese david cantonese catanese, and
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charles krauthammer. for him to be so directly challenged by the minority leader of nancy pelosi. what is the deal there? >> there is an administration tax plan as of yet. they are trying to work this out. i think what happened with health care, they do not want to get too far out in front of it without the coalition on board. you do not want to present a plan that you don't have buy in from outside groups, from conservatives, and from house and senate members. they are also trying to do a two step here moving along with the health care bill in the senate. but these deadlines they have set for august are not going to be attainable. they are not going to have... i still think this is a health care bill that -- i >> the congressman -- >> the congressman from north carolina. he still thinks there will be a health care bill by july, he told me. i think that is ambitious. you see them -- well, i shouldn't say quickly, but progressively move the timetable
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on tax reform. i think that could even be ambitious. >> mike need him, is this an a+ economy right now? >> i think what you are seeing in this economy, for eight years, you had an l-shaped economy. you had bad policy, that robust growth, we exhausted that l-shaped recovery. now it's the time that we need real stimulus from good policy if we are going to take it from what we got in the last couple of months in the last year to the next level. that's where health care reform will be critical, obamacare is a huge drag on small businesses. that's where tax reform will be critical. also stuff like welfare reform right now were so many able-bodied americans are encouraged to stay out of the workforce. those policies where they have to take root if you want to see the type of growth come out in the next year that the president has promised. >> james: to the extent there is some softening of the labor market evidenced in these numbers today, we heard just now in that segment we played for you in the opening from the
1:39 am
makeable vein, the white house director of the office of management and -- capital is sitting on the sidelines, as he put in, waiting for us to repeal obamacare, waiting for us to get tax reform. the reuters article on the economy numbers that were presented today, offered a different suggestion as to why the labor market might be softening. they quoted an economics professor named seung hwang sung in the channel islands who said that "political uncertainty in washington is another factor holding back the market. the probably that any of the trump stimulus would become reality has decreased significantly in recent weeks" for charles krauthammer, or the political troubles of the president involving scandals, investigations, allegations and all that, potentially dragging of the economy >> what i think -- yes, but we haven't see actual effect. if that were the case, if that were already the case, the stock market would not be shooting through the roof.
1:40 am
the increase in the value of shares is based on the assumption that it will be a striking growth as results of policies. the problem for the president, for the republicans is that the policies are being held up by the fact that republicans can't agree among themselves. health care reform was stalled because of republican internal disagreements through the same with tax reforms with health care in the senate, and it's going to be the same tax reform. so this is a problem, you've got one party with control of all the elements of power. when the democrats had that, they actually did stuff with it. they passed an enormous stimulus and the reformed, remade health care won six of the economy. you can agree with the result or legislation or not, but the effectiveness of what they did is understandable. there is an expectation that there is going to be at least tax cuts, if not tax reform.
1:41 am
that may propel the economy. but right now, the economy, to personify it, is waiting to see if the agenda is going to get off the ground, instead of the runway. >> james: sean spicer, the white house press secretary said something today that suggested that the president's can indicate in his team is aware perhaps sitting around tweeting and waiting for the next "washington post" bombshell might not be the best way to advance this agenda. let's hear what he said. >> you can expect the president to be focusing on jobs this month and holding events in washington and outside pushing his progrowth, pro-jobs agenda. >> james: president trump had a good first foreign trip. david, do you think that doing what is sean spicer for telling here, holding rallies to drum up support for his agenda will work? >> i think it's better to the alternative, which is having sean spicer on camera every day
1:42 am
not being able to answer questions. look, president trump is supposed to have a rally in iowa that got canceled because of the paris agreement announcement. but i think you are going to start to see and move about the country more. you are already seeing this week the spicer briefings were pulled back off camera. we will continue to see that. this is a president who tried his own message. he doesn't tell all his advisors where he's going to be a certain date and time, so his best vehicle is speaking directly to the american people and he gets energized by it. he loves the crowd, feeds off the crowd. that will put them in a better atmosphere. look, he can go to the states and pressures of his countrymen and senators to get on board with his agenda being carried by 20, 30 points. those democrats that also have to face election in 2018? he could be more effective there than here. >> david raised the boys, mike, of sean spicer declined to answer certain questions. i think that was a reference to
1:43 am
his new decree that any questions from the white house press corps about the whole complex of scandals and allegations surrounding russia and so forth, you will not answer anymore and he will direct reporters to the presidents attorney. >> that's wise. i think they need to let the infestations play out and push them to the side because republicans, what they need to start getting, is a sense of urgency for the agenda. in notion of repealing obamacare by presidents' day weekend, getting a budget through the house and senate, getting tax reform done all by august recess would require a perfection of the legislative process, which would never happen. but now you are starting to up against all the different things, plus the debt limit put on top. if you do not -- that's where their focus needs to be. >> james: charles, i need a "yes" or "no" for you. is it okay for sean spencer to say that we are not going to answer questions on that topic.
1:44 am
>> that is his business. for the administration to shift the focus, at least they have a two-part program. hide sean spicer for a witness protection program, somewhere in iowa, i think, would help. and take away the president of posse's tweeting machine isn't only stories in the post. the president re-ignites this issue every time he picks up his little machine and all you've got to do is hide it, put it in the fridge, put a lock and key, i think that might work. >> james: hide the tweeting machine inside the food machine, as it were? >> get it away from him. >> james: stay put, panel. vladimir putin's latest, president trump's appeal to the supreme court. and kathy griffin's cries of tears and victimhood. more of this when we come
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>> you know, there are many specialists that can invent or fake things up. a kid of yours can send it. they are trying to shirk responsibility. we don't have a problem for the problem is inside american policy. it's easy to say... it's the russians, they intervene, they interfered. just like the jews are also to >> fastening comments from the president of the russian federation blood and reviewed vladimir putin. charles krauthammer, is he right? is blaming the russians for
1:49 am
everything a parallel to anti-semitism where the jews are blamed for everything? >> the difference is the jews didn't do it, and the russians did. he lies with a smile. i love the fact that this week he said it could have been russian patriots who are artists acting on their own are the one who might've hacked. of course, the state is innocent. nothing like that happens without the state in russia. he knows it, we know it. but he is a very good liar. >> james: michael needham? >> no, that's exactly right. vladimir putin wants to change the subject. the real subject is he like to take advantage of the void left in eastern europe created by barack obama's failed policies. he reasserted american leadership in the world, he got back and talk about sovereignty and eastern europe, he has backed it up with defense pending numbers and special forces training troops. vladimir hooton wants to talk about this story, which makes him look strong.
1:50 am
>> james: do you agree, david? >> i do not think we can give much credence to anything vladimir putin says, whether it be from intervention in u.s. elections all the way through the chemical attack in syria. >> james: but do you agree that president trump is confronting president putin and leading around the world in a much more vigorous way than barack obama? >> i don't know if there is much evidence that he is confronting putin. no question he's taken a very different position internationally than barack obama. i mean, syria... the most obvious example of that. there are tons of stories that come out whether it be around donald trump's family, his associates that were being more accommodating to vladimir putin and his associates. you know, some of those threads have not been completely wrong else, but i don't think that most americans believe that we are being tough. donald trump has said publicly that he wants putin to be an ally, he wants to work with them more. >> he's also kept the sanctions
1:51 am
in place and et cetera. we move on to the vice president's before appearing on "fox & friends" talking about the president's appeal on his executive order in immigration to the supreme cour supreme court. >> we remain very confident that when this matter reaches the supreme court of the united states, they are going to recognize the right of the president in the constitution and in the statute of this country to control immigration in a way that puts the security of our country first. >> james: charles? >> look,xecutive order was dumb, ill-advised, and will turn out to be useless if actually executed. i don't think it is unconstitutional. and i suspect that the new court, the new court with neil gore sit on it, will thus rule later this year. >> james: david? >> this is their best bet. the court that they control, every other court they have lost. they do not control the court. they have the ideological advantage on the court given the
1:52 am
most recent appointment. i think this is their best bet. i believe that they would have an advantage if the court takes up the case, but this is their last stop, because lower courts are ruling against him across the country. >> james: how important is the so-called travel ban issue to the president's base, michael? >> it's important, there's a real issue of foreign fighters coming into the country. the left wants to use it to talk about this alleged anti-muslims be 21. after looking at his actions in the middle east, it's an absurd claim on its face. >> james: with more lightning, we returned to kathy griffin. >> i don't think i will have a career after this. i will be honest. he broke me. he broke me. and then it's like there is nothing right. >> james: charles, did president trump break kathy griffin or to kathy griffin break kathy griffin? >> i think the answer or answers
1:53 am
itself. rather rhetorical, of course. it wasn't it easy on her part. i don't much like stomping on her. she might've actually lost her career. i do think it's salutary in one way. up until now, it was open season on trump in a way that has been rarely been seen in american culture. we finally have reached a limit where the culture, including liberals, this is abridged too far. >> james: david, do -- >> is healthy we actually say that spirit of this, you cannot do. >> she should've left it at the apology video ship it out. i disagree. i think she will be back. i think everybody will be back just as much as billy bush will come back, kathy griffin will come back. you have to give it time. everyone in media, politics, celebrities, they come back. >> james: is she going to be back? if so, michael, where will she land with a steady gait? >> i have no idea and that's
1:54 am
outside of my expertise. it's tiresome when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar immediately resorting to blaming older white man for bullying kathy griffin. it's absurd. the answer to political correctness is history, and senator mike lee has an incredible book out called "written out of history" that can help people understand the founders in american history. to get back at this political reckless, people should look at the book. >> james: among the -- was not from an old, white man, but from someone named melania trump speaking about her son. when we come back, the panel tackles the next shore, which is "winners and losers, they have got some disease -- some doozies. stay with
1:55 am
1:56 am
1:57 am
♪ >> we are back with the panel, time now with winners and losers, charles krauthammer. >> loser of the week, hunter strickland, picture of the
1:58 am
san francisco giants who deliberately threw a ball and hit the best player on the planet -- >> who was the best player on the planet? >> for the nationals, harper. bryce harper. if that was a senior moment right there, i could be a loser for the week. he hit him 98 miles per hour on the hip, he hit him so hard the ball bounced halfway to third base. he's a loser, why did he do thi this? because three years ago, harper had hit two home runs off of them and this was retaliation. the longest curated grudge since the count of monte christo. the winner of the week was his catcher buster posey. traditionally he runs out to protect the picture he stayed put, didn't move, while the way the fight because he knew that his picture was a dork doing something and he just set it ou
1:59 am
out. >> winner is china given after we pulled out of the paris agreement, they moved quickly to say they were going to be the leader on this, i think it could play diplomatic dividends for them with our european allies even if they don't fulfill obligations. >> my loser is mr. matt got caught giving the finger, had to apologize i'm told that he still has his job. you can get away with the finger in new york. >> that's still a loser. >> d.a. secretary asked permission to fire employees, there are 1500 waited to be terminated, he wants to get through the backlog appeared at the loser are liberal elites who were banking on the president trump to stay in the paris accord, they didn't succeed. >> thank you panel, thank you all at home, i'm james rosen sitting in for bret baier, good night from washington.
2:00 am
if make sure you tune into fox news sunday of next up is the story with sandra smith, and for martha's, so you never miss an episode of o "the five." "hannity" is up next. >> sean: welcome to "hannity" and this is a fox news alert. freedom of speech is under attack and on conservative voices all across the country. joining us with reaction tonight and part two of my interview with the vice president, mike pence. and also, comedian kathy griffin in the public eye after this vile picture